Healing Prayers & Blessings

          by Rev. Joy Elle

Healing Visions Ministries

Rev. Joy would like to assist you in connecting with the otherside to pray for yourself and your loved ones by offering healing prayers and blessings.  


"G-d, Your Angels, Loved Ones, & Spirit Guides are here Praying and waiting to Bless you.  Please remember everything is in Divine Time and your Prayers will always be heard and will be in a process to come to fruition at the perfect time for you and your loved ones.  We are here for strength, to learn faith, and to accomplish our purpose that we came here for, including all the challenges that life brings. ~ Love & Light, Rev. Joy Elle"


Here are some options you can choose for your Healing Prayer & Blessings: 

     1 Healing Prayer, 

     1 Healing Prayer and Distance Reiki, 

     1 Marriage Blessing, 

     1 Love Blessing, 

     1 Career Blessing, 

     1 Protection Blessing, 

     1 Financial Blessing, 

     1 Blessing for Loved One


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