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Healing Visions Ministries Joy Elle





Once registered, you can call the number anytime from anywhere. You can choose to extend your call when the 1 minute message comes on at the end of the call, or you can end the call if all your questions have been answered at any time. You can also choose to call back anytime if you did not have time to add minutes.

Directly connect to Rev. Joy for your reading now by clicking the CALL NOW button.

I look forward to reading for you. 
Blessings & Light, 
Rev. Joy 

Phone Sessions Include: spiritual counseling, prophetic messages, spiritual knowledge,

animal communication, balancing of chakras, distance Reiki healing

My abilities as a Prophetic Messenger, Spiritual Counselor, Animal Communicator, & Healer: 


"When a loved one crosses over, you want to tell them all the things 
you have held onto in your heart, for a long time."

 As a prophetic messenger, I can help you with: 
- Unexplained circumstances of death 
- Suicide cases
- Possibility of resolving unfinished business with a deceased person 
- Past lives 

 As a spiritual counselor, I can help you with: 
- Troubled children 
- Troubled relationships 
- Sudden unexplained changes of behavior 
- Physically disabled people 
- Coma 
- Missing people status

 As a prophetic messenger:
My work with my angels and spirit guide is almost entirely focused on helping people with their spiritual path. Within a few minutes, my guide knows where you come from, your childhood, your current life, your fears , your pain, and your desires. He will tell you where to go from there, your purpose in life if the time is right, and what the future holds. He will answer questions for you, if you are supposed to hear the answer or tell you how to look for it. Of course, he will always tell you that what God gave you, is free will, and that you can influence your destiny anytime you want. I know it will be an experience that you will not soon forget. My spirit guide can guide you in your life's choices and put you back on your path. 

Spiritually oriented counseling: 
Release the past and become your highest, best Self. Understand and embrace the Soul Plan you created for your learning before entering this life. Release limiting beliefs with powerful energy techniques. Access joy, forgiveness, acceptance and find greater fulfillment in your life and relationships. I can help you.

As a messenger, it is my intention to be the light through which your loved ones who have crossed over into spirit form reconnect with you. It is the spirit's intention to convey to you their true essence and love while letting you know they have made the journey and are okay. The connection can be a tremendous source of healing for both worlds. Whether your loved ones wish to make amends with you and find closure, assure you they are still very much a part of your life, or simply provide you with guidance along your path; the experience will renew your faith that the soul does survive. My job is not to question or judge the information that comes through, but simply to deliver the messages. It is my prayer that everyone in need has the opportunity to experience a genuine connection with the spirit world. It brings me great joy to be able to share with you the peace and comfort I have found in this healing work. 


Though I have a strong intuitive ability that presents itself during each reading, please keep in mind that the emphasis of my work is making connections with and delivering messages from loved ones who have passed on.


The first thing any prophetic messenger will tell you is not to have any expectations when going for a reading. That is, do not decide who it is you are going to hear from and what information they will bring through. The spirits are in control when it comes to the communication process. The strongest energy with the greatest need to contact comes through. Sometimes it's not who you expect to hear from. You can help increase your chances of hearing from desired loved ones by praying and talking to them prior to your session. The spirit world responds to your thoughts, and by sending out thoughts of love you are inspiring them to come through. I ask the spirits to make reference to many memories or significant details about themselves or you. Though sometimes the information they bring up is factual, you may wonder why it is they chose to bring up seemingly insignificant things. The reason is to validate their identity and to prove they are still with you, though in a different dimension.


When you call for a session, I will begin by briefly explaining the process. I will say a silent prayer for protection and go into the state of alpha. This is when I start to acknowledge the spirits in the room, either by initials, names, relationship to you or significant details that best reflect them. Usually several spirits come in the beginning to say hello, but only the closest energy to you carries on the dialogue. I continue to deliver the messages until they decide to pull back their energy. It takes a tremendous amount of the spirit's energy to come through and they can only sustain it for so long. The stronger the energy of your loved one is, the longer, louder and clearer the connection.


Whether their intention is to make amends and find closure with you or other living family members and friends, to acknowledge what's going on in your life now and offer guidance on your path, or simply to let you know they are still "alive" and watching over you and your loved ones, know that by coming through they are expressing their love for you.  


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