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         At a young age, I began counseling my friends. Whenever a friend would have difficulties in decision making, they would come to me for guidance. Even if it wasn’t a friend I knew, strangers would often come up to me and start telling me what their problems were. I was always able to help each person, no matter what the circumstance was and send them off on their journey with peace. I knew being a life coach and counseling people was my destiny. I also have another gift, which is healing. I am a certified Reiki master, chakra balancer, and a crystal healer. Aside from those healing techniques, I am a natural healer of words and music. Writing and performing music allows me to share my positive thoughts and vibrations with others, as a form of healing.


          Throughout my life, I have been able to see the energy from the other side. I knew that spirits were present and that I had the ability to communicate with them. I kept this to myself until one evening, in 2002, I was having dinner with a co-worker. I was aware of the fact that my friend’s husband, who had been deceased for the last year, was standing beside me. I had been seeing my friend’s husband for a few months since his crossing over to the other side. My co-worker, whom I did not know was spiritual, until that point in time said, “Joy, I know you are aware of the man standing next to you smiling. Do not be afraid, I see him too.” With that, I finally was able to share my experiences with someone. It turned out that my co-worker was American Indian, a very wise spiritual man, who could see energy from other dimensions. He explained to me that it is like a ceiling fan. When the blades are still, you can see them clearly. When the blades are spinning fast, they disappear through the energy. Our loved one’s that cross over are still here with us. Their soul is just vibrating on another dimension of energy. We are still able to communicate with them. I learned that love is eternal and your loved ones never leave you. We each have a soul group. Our souls will reincarnate surrounding ourselves with some of the same souls from our past lives. This is why many of you think to yourself upon meeting someone, "I know I have met this person before. Or, I feel like I know him/her. Or, I get a bad feeling from this person. Or, I get a good feeling about this person." Our cell memory remembers feelings, emotions, and energy...good or bad. So, you must always be aware of what kind of familiarity this energy is because karma can play a large role. What goes around comes around, they say! The Universe is balanced, whether things balance out in the same life or in a different life, the saying remains the same.    


          A few months after my co-worker explained to me my purpose in life, not to be afraid of my psychic and channeling abilities, about past lives, how chakras must always be in balance, how you can heal yourself through meditation and reiki, and many more fascinating topics. I met my mentor, Joan. Joan is a well-known spiritual counselor. Joan coached me through, step by step, how to better communicate with all spirits, alive and deceased, by going into the alpha state. I am able to guide others into this state as well. This is something we all can do if and when you are open to learning.


          Upon the death of my best friend, Simi, who passed from cancer, I started to see a particular Angel every so often. I, then, found a drawing of that same Angel, while having dinner at a local restaurant with her parents, attached to the menu standing on the table, that someone had left. Prior to Simi’s passing, I used to contact her deceased sister for her and explain to her where she was going, important facts that only her family would know, and I was able to give her peace, love, and healing. Simi saw many Angels beside her before she passed. Spirits make it known that they are with you. In many instances, by dimming the lights, turning on the radio, and moving sentimental objects. My Grandmother, Grandfather, and Simi have a blast doing these things for me all the time! My Aunt and Uncle are always appearing and whispering things to me so that I can shock my Mom about things I could have never possibly known, since these things happened way before I was born!


          When I am with family and friends, they are now used to me blurting out what spirit is in the room with us, what they are doing, what they look like, what they want to say, why they are here for a visit, and where they will be going. Not all of the time are they deceased. Our spirit can be in many other places at once. A few weeks ago, a man was speaking to me at a restaurant and I asked him about his former girlfriend, Jen. He said, "How did you know that I had an ex-girlfriend named Jen?" I explained to him that she has taken an astral trip and was with him right at that moment. Astral projection is the experience of your soul leaving your body. It is the belief that the soul can detach itself from the physical realm and travel. This is also known as having an out of body experience. Did you ever wake up from a deep sleep and feel a jolt? Well, what happened was, your soul went back to heaven for a visit, or your soul could have gone to visit any of your relatives and friends right here in this dimension. We are all attached by a silver cord. It is an invisible cord that the naked eye can not see. But, this cord is there so our soul will always find its way right back to its current home, our physical body, in this current life. This is all part of metaphysics, which we will also get into later.


          Do you ever have De Ja Vu? Then, you remember writing your chart with God, your Angels, and your spirit guides. You are on the right path if you have ESP experiences. Continue to follow your intuition, it is always right. We are here to serve our purpose in this lifetime. We all have a different purpose, yet one in the same, working as a Universe, and we are all here to help each other. Even our friends on the other side, are all here to help us and guide us on our journey's. I believe that we are here to deeply understand the meaning of unconditional love. Can you forgive and love your enemy even if they have done wrong? You can never let anyone wound your soul so much that you feel anger or hate. Life is about becoming as strong as you can possibly be. We never would create anything for ourselves that we could not handle. Our chart was carefully constructed to make sure of that! We create our lives this way because while we are writing our charts, we do not think that these events we have put in our lives will be so challenging, yet they are. The most important thing to remember is to let all your choices and actions come from love. Think to yourself "What would God say? Would my spirit guides agree with my choices?"


          I am in a state of awareness, where I am automatically able to see energy, so I am easily able to communicate through the mind’s eye. I can advise a spirit if they are ill and advise them of the proper healing. Joan and I have recently helped a family of ghosts, living in my friend’s home for over 20 years, cross over to the other side. What a story that was! Speaking of stories, I look forward to sharing my book of experiences with the world in the very near future. It will be a story in which you will cherish in your hearts and always remember. I am looking forward to guiding others and learning what spirits are around you, what they want to tell you, and how it will bring you peace, love, insight, and comfort. I look forward to assisting others on their journey and bringing enlightenment, peace, and joy to others lives. 


          I enjoy spiritual orientated counseling. I help others release their past in order to become their highest and best self. Understanding and embracing their soul plan that they created for their life is something I enjoy helping others with. I help in releasing limiting beliefs with powerful energy techniques. I encourage them to access joy, forgiveness, acceptance, and find a greater fulfillment in their lives and relationships. In assisting with relationships, I advise on the psychology of communicating from a place of love and faith.


         Joy Elle is a mystic and has been giving prophetic messenger sessions through her own ministry Healing Visions since 2004. Joy works with many organizations in the spiritual and metaphysical communities, as well as guiding Indigo & Crystal children. Joy is an Ordained Minister,  Certified Reiki Master, Chakra Balancer, Theta Healer, Spiritual Counselor, and Animal communicator. Joy Elle holds a Bachelor of Divinity Degree for Ministerial Counseling and Metaphysical Healing, and was also Certified at The School of Intuition, and The Institute for Crystal Healing.


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